ArrearsMaster® – How to Import Payments from an Online Website

Let’s say you want to enter a whole bunch of payments but don’t really want to type each one in individually.

If the payments are always in the same amount and made on the same day, you could use the “regular payments” window to enter the day of the month the payment is always made on, and the amount which never changes, but what if the payments are made on different days of each month (or not at all in some months), or the amount varies from payment to payment?

If the payments are recorded on a website you can view on your screen (e.g. the Kansas Payment Center website), you can capture the information and then import it into the ArrearsMaster® payments screen. It’s a two step process:

1) Capture the information from the payments website, and prepare it for import

2)Bring the information into ArrearsMaster®

Here’s how to do each step:

Capture the information from the website:

1) Open the website in your browser (e.g.,

2) Enter the information needed to identify the case (County and Case No.)

3) Use your mouse to highlight the data you want to capture – be sure to include the data type (payment or obligation) if shown, the date of the payment and the amount.

4) Save the highlighted data using CTRL + C (Apple: Command + C) to put the data into your computer’s clipboard.

5) Open a blank Excel spreadsheet file

6) Paste the data into cell A1 using CTRL + V ((Apple: Command + V)

7) Delete all columns except the data type (if shown), date and the payment amount.

8) If the payment data is mixed in with the obligation data, sort the entire spreadsheet (Data/Sort/A to Z) to group all the payment rows together.

9) Delete all rows that are not payment data

a. You should be left with a spreadsheet containing two columns: date and amount;

b. The rows do not need to be sorted by date.

10) Modify the format of the amount column to use the “number” format (without commas or dollar signs – use the 2 decimal place format).

11) Save the excel spreadsheet as a CSV file in your Programs/Bradley/Support folder with a meaningful name (e.g. “Smith KPC data.csv”)

Import the information file into ArrearsMaster®

1) Open the ArrearsMaster® case file

2) Enter any additional support obligation information needed to update the file

3) Click on the Payments tab

4) Click on the “Import Payments” button

5) Browse to the location of the CSV file you saved in step 11 above

6) Click on the CSV filename

a. If errors are encountered in importing the file, you will be notified

 i. Examine the error log and

 ii. Correct any incorrect data in the CSV file (usually a formatting problem)

 iii. Resave the CSV file

         iv. Repeat steps 5 and 6

7) Click “OK” to close the “Import Complete” window

8) Add any payments or adjustments not included in the imported data (e.g., direct payments to the support recipient that didn’t go through the payment center; credits allowed by the Court, etc.)

9) Click “Report” tab.

ArrearsMaster® automatically sorts all data (obligations and payments) by date and prepares a comprehensive report, transaction by transaction, in a “ready to offer” exhibit format.

You’ve just saved a ton of typing!!

About Brad Short

CEO : Bradley Software; Of Counsel at Short, Borth & Thilges, Attorneys at Law, LLC, Overland Park, Kansas. Born Birmingham, Alabama, December 27, 1941; admitted to bar,1966, Kansas and U.S. District Court, District of Kansas; 1975, U.S. Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit; 1976, U.S. Supreme Court. Education: University of Colorado (B.A., 1963; J.D., 1966). Contributing Author, Practitioner's Guide to Kansas Family Law, Kansas Bar Association, 1997. Listed in: The Best Lawyers in America, Family Law, every year from 1987 through 2013. Member, Technology Advisory Committee, Kansas Judicial Council, 1991-1998. Member: Bourbon County, 1966-1977 (President, 1970-1971), Johnson County (Member: Ethics and Grievance Committee, 1984-1998; Family Law Bench/Bar Committee, 1984-), Kansas and American (Vice-Chair, Solo Practitioners and Small Firms Committee, Economics of Law Practice Section, 1984-1985) Bar Associations; Kansas Trial Lawyers Association, 1974-1984 (State Treasurer, 1975-76; Member, Board of Governors, 1974-1984). Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 1994-2013 . Practice areas: Family Law.
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