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No Reimbursement for “Overpayment” of Child Support Created by Retroactive SSD Payment

 In September 2013, the Kansas Court of Appeals held, in a 2 to 1 decision in In re Marriage of Stephenson, that where the children’s father made his court ordered child support payments, he was not entitled to reimbursement from … Continue reading

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Enforcement Fee Update

Two items of interest regarding enforcement fees (the fee added to child support to partially fund the operations of the Kansas Payment Center and collection agencies like the District Court Trustee): 1) In Johnson County, Kansas (the state’s 10th Judicial … Continue reading

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To Clear Up Some Questions on Licenses…

In years past, our software licenses were offered on a calendar year subscription basis, renewable in January (usually) at a substantial discount. The calendar year license originated in the fact that child support guidelines were revised (or impacted) at least … Continue reading

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